The Future of Wearable

This report contains everything you need to know about wearables trends:

  • Why current wearables aren't designed to fulfill consumers' daily needs

  • How to address the top unmet consumer needs in the wearables market  

  • Designing the perfect future wearable based on data-driven evidence 


Why the Future of Wearable Technology is Human-Centered & Design Thinking

Although many reports out there asses wearable trends and commercial opportunities, the majority of them source their information from surveys, focus groups and traditional market sizing sources.

This report is based on data compiled from hundreds of thousands of external publicaly available sources, and delivers the key reasons as to why consumers are abandoning their wearable devices, and what companies designing these devices need to do to drive user engagement and lead the market in the future.

Download the report to understand how to build a device that addresses the top 3 unmet consumer needs and incorporates product features that users will demand in the future, such as predictive analytics and gamification.