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Pharma Acquisition Now


Learn how big data drives successful pharma acquisitions, and:

  • Why traditional scouting can't keep up with healthcare innovation

  • Which data analytics tools transform external data into actionable insights 

  • How product intelligence can pinpoint non-traditional players to expand beyond-the-pill product portfolios


Pharma Acquisitions BookThe pharma industry is being disrupted by IT platforms, mHealth technologies, and beyond the pilll services. To grow and adapt, external innovation through acquisition and partnering is imperative to a corporation's business strategy. 

Maintaining the status quo will only threaten your company's survival, and the impetus is on companies to find a faster, more accurate way of identifying acquisitions or partners.

Download the guide, and learn how pharma can use product intelligence platforms to quickly and effectively meet this need, revealing "unseen" insights and tracking ecosystems in an ongoing manner.