Next Generation AI: Transforming the World of Data Analytics & Product Decisioning




Data is everywhere. Some have described it as a natural resource, readily available but needed to be harnessed in order to uncover its true value. The problem is how to separate the signals from the noise and derive actions that will be long-lasting and meaningful to the bottom line. The most successful brands will know how to extract the important pieces, and uncover actionable insights to develop innovative products, improve targeting and drive revenue. Increasingly, they are using AI to accomplish this, because the data that is out there is too vast, too varied and too disconnected to be meaningful on its own.

Nielsen is a leading data provider, linking consumer purchasing habits to demographic information. Signals Analytics is an advanced analytics platform that joins all the aspects of the external data ecosystem, from data collection, developing taxonomies and establishing visualization elements that leading brands rely on for trend information and deriving predictive insights that lead to better strategic decision making.

Join us as both companies come together in a thought-leadership webinar, highlighting how AI is transforming the world of data analytics and product decisioning. We will discuss the challenges of properly extracting the relevant information out of various external, unstructured data sets and how with machine learning it is possible to uncover connections and provide a complete picture of consumer sentiments, hype cycles and predictions on what is coming next.

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Nielsen Icon Ton An Huynh
Head of Global Platforms
signals-analytics-icon-100x185px Kobi Gershoni
Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer
Signals Analytics